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grim battles against countless foes have steeled you

☀ from the shores of the Rhine, to the top of the Alps ☀

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Name:Swiss Federation ✚ Vash Zwingli
Birthdate:Aug 1
Location:Berne, Switzerland
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unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno.

Nation Name: Swiss Confederation (Switzerland)
Human Name: Vash Zwingli
Age: 18 (Human), 719 (Nation)
Birthday: 1st of August
Height: 5'6 (approx)
Capital: Berne
Population: 7,782,900
Official Languages: German, French, Italian, Romansh
Others Known: English, Spanish, Portuguese

"-Shut your eyes, think of Switzerland – what do you see?

-I see something. I see a chocolate Phil Collins coming out of a clock every hour, to tidy up his Nazi gold."

-Green Wing

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being a hermit, being a miser, being a prude, being richer than you, bells, cheese, cows, dairy, federer, fondue, goats, gun politics, liechtenstein, mountains, neutrality, poppin' caps, raclette, real chocolate, rösti, skiing, sweet sweet moolah, the cheap n' cheerful, the red cross, unhealthy-emotional-baggage-concerning-austria, yodelling
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